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Web Notepad 2.0

Editing your web pages has never been so easy with this enditor
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Are you sick of using Notepad to edit your pages and a clumsy FTP client to upload them? Web Notepad combines these features to save you a great deal of time editing and uploading web documents with ease.

Web Notepad is a web editor for real HTML coders. It supports an easy to use interface, syntax highlighting, FTP uploading with folder mapping, multi-file tab pages, word wrap, and a very rich editing environment.
* Simple & easy to use
Editing your web pages has never been so easy. The simple, straight-forward and clean interface allows you to edit and upload your pages without fuss.
* FTP uploading with folder mapping
As you edit your pages, they can be easily uploaded to an FTP server at the click of a button. Folder mapping is also supported allowing you to keep your directory structure in sync between your local machine and the remote server.
* Syntax highlighting
Web Notepad supports HTML, CSS and XML syntax highlighting, allowing your code to be easily read.
* Multi-file tab pages
Multiple files can be opened at once and are displayed in tab pages.
* Word wrap functionality
Word wrapping text is also supported allowing the user to see all the text on the page at once.
* A rich editing environment
All the options you'd expect from a professional editor are there, including hidden characters display, bookmarking, line numbers, default template, tabbing options, right margin display, font selection, etc.

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